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The components of a healthy weight loss program are still the same. We all need to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and use nutritional vitamin supplements. These are keys to a successfully lose weight. The other important components that we must consider are to drink plenty of water, get lots of fresh air, limit stress in our lives and to get adequate sleep. We need to sleep 7 to 8 hours daily to rejuvenate our bodies. If we do all of these things we will be successful in achieving our goals.

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Weight Loss Goals.
So we know what to do, we know what works, and we have established our weight loss goals. Does that equal success? Is it automatic that we will lose weight even when we follow a proven system? Of course success is not guaranteed. The main reason is us. Though we laid out a plan that will work and we have personal motivation to succeed success is still not sure. There are two things we can do to increase the likelihood of our success. One is internal and the second is external. First, we can establish a reward system for ourselves.

As we accomplish small goals reward yourself to keep on track and to pat yourself on the back. The rewards can be small and they should never be something that takes us away from our program. For instance if you like music then buy a CD as a treat for accomplishing a goal. For something larger try going to a play or movie. Better yet, have someone treat you. What ever you do not reward yourself with a something forbidden on your menu. Do not reward yourself by skipping a day of your regular exercise. How about go walk or jog along the lake or someplace special as a reward.

We do not punish ourselves if we do not meet our goals but we must be accountable. So the opposite of rewarding yourself in this instance is to have someone else reward you. There are ways to make yourself accountable to meet your personal goals. Start off writing your long and short term goals down. Use them as daily reminders. Place your overall goal and weekly goal on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, computer screen or wherever you will be constantly reminded. Next let the world know about them. When you share with the world your plans you become accountable in following through. Now do not brag or be brash but be confident as you share your goals. Most importantly get an accountability partner. Someone you can share with who will motivate and encourage you. Your accountability partner will not be a yes man though. They should tell you when you are falling off and need to get back on task. Yes your accountability partner will primarily encourage you and should be someone you have a close relationship with. They must be respect. But they are not to coddle you. They are someone you can be accountable to as well as being accountable to yourself. Your accountability partner will also be the one to reward you for a job well done and a goal accomplished.

As such the success of your healthy weight loss program could very well be dependent on a reliable accountability partner. They are an invaluable member of your personal team. Get One.

Be Blessed. Be a Blessing.

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