Weight Loss Motivation - How Do You Keep Yourself Going?

When you have decided that you want to lose weight, most people will tell you need to have three things in order to lose weight. These are: your weight loss diet, your weight loss exercise plan, and plenty of rest. But upon closer examination, there is something very important missing from this list!

Your diet provides you with the nutrients you need in order to perform. You do exercises to enhance the results you can get from your nutritional weight loss diet. Your rest is to allow your body to heal up after all the exercises you do outside or in the gym.

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But what then is missing from this list?

It's the motivation to lose weight, of course! How are you going to get all of the above in place if you're not even motivated to get started in the first place?

Are you in a fight with your own mind? Are you finding that you want to lose weight but at the same time there is a tiny voice in the back of your head telling you you can't do it? Are you afraid to fail? Are you afraid to succeed?

As long as you are playing these mind games with yourself, you won't even start a weight loss attempt. How will you ever successfully lose weight if you don't even begin?

Free yourself from your mental prison. Stop eating comfort foods. Learn how to deal with pressure from your peers, who are trying to get you to eat junkfood. Promise yourself to award yourself for any accomplishments.

Join a support group near you or join a weight loss forum online. Talk to other overweight people who also want to lose weight. Learn from both their failures and their successes. Let your weight losing buddies be a healthy peer pressure for you to want to show up next week with real results!

All these things and more and greatly contribute to your ultimate long term success!

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