Enjoying Weight Loss is Possible - Lose Weight and Still Indulge in Your Sweet Tooth

In a perfect world we would be healthy a hundred per cent of the time. However, perfection is not easy and for most people keeping to a strict weight loss diet is tough at the best of times. Well, there is a way to start enjoying weight loss just by giving yourself some room to accommodate your cravings.

The aim is to eat healthily eighty per cent of the time and for the other twenty per cent, allow yourself to indulge. In other words, for six days of the week you eat healthy fat burning foods, and the other day of the week you eat whatever you like.

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Indulge in the foods you crave the most - but remember it must be in moderation. This 'free' day is not permission to binge out. It means just having some of your favourite indulgences like, one or two of your favourite chocolate cookies or four small squares of dark chocolate. Eat enough to satisfy you sweet cravings, not to make yourself feel sick. Remember also, it is only for ONE day of the week.

Firstly, to keep losing weight effectively your body must be nourished with healthy good foods for the majority of the time. This will give you the best opportunity to lose weight and burn fat. Then, ensure you stick to the following eating rules:

1. To maximise fat loss, you need to eat the right carbohydrates at the right time of day. If you consume too many carbs then your body will burn those carbs first in preference to the fat. Your body will not activate any fat burning and weight loss becomes difficult. On the other hand, if you eat the right carbs at the right time of day, along with healthy food, your body will burn fat.

2. Eat most of you carbs combined with some protein for breakfast and lunch and when you are most active. Dinner should be a mix of water-based, high fibre, low carbohydrate vegetables and protein.

3. Avoid eating pasta, rice and starchy vegetables, such as potatoes in the evening, using them only for breakfast and lunch in smaller portions.

4. When dining out you need to make healthy choices from the menu. Stick to green salads, steamed vegetables and lean meats, such as fish and chicken, without any oil or creamy sauces.

5. If you are serious about burning fat, then you definitely need to avoid alcohol. Alcohol takes nearly as much energy as fat for your body to burn. It also makes you crave junk food and robs your body of vital nutrients. If you must indulge, limit it to 1 or 2 glasses only on your 'free' day.

6. It must be emphasised that exercise is also a crucial part of your weight loss programme. All you need to include is one hour per day, 5 days a week of moderate exercise. This will increase your metabolism, strengthen your body and also your immune system.

7. Keep your 'free day' indulgent portions in moderation and only allow yourself to do this ONE day per week.

8. For the majority of your week you must eat healthy, nutritious fat burning foods. Enjoying weight loss while still sticking to a healthy fat burning diet is possible. By allowing yourself one day per week to indulge in your cravings, you will find it easier to stay on your program for the long term without any major setbacks. Your body will be forever grateful and look lean, healthy and beautiful.

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