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After trying so many weight loss products, doing so much research, paying for expert advice and even sacrificing many of my favorite foods, I finally found the best method to loose weight fast and been able to maintain a healthy weight. For 2 years now I been feeling great, I look great and my body is very healthy. The best part of all, I am still able to eat whatever I want! And to make things even better, I hardly ever exercise!

I have to admit, there are days and even weeks where I am just feeling too lazy to do anything! I'm glad I don't have to worry about gaining weight again anymore. In order to find a best and fast weight loss strategy, for the last 13 years, I had to try at least 30 different methods and hundreds of pills. I have learned so many weight loss tips from professionals telling me not to eat foods with high carbs, or not to eat foods with a lot of fat, and even to take certain pills that only affected my body in all the wrong ways!

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Even though I did loose the weight doing this and met my correct weight for height, my body eventually gave in, and started gaining weight over and over again. My metabolism was going nuts and my thyroid gland was out of control! This is the main reason why I kept losing weight and gaining weight, then losing weight again and then gaining weight again. Your metabolism and thyroid gland are the biggest reasons you gain weight or loose weight. Your body is naturally designed to burn calories without even exercising or to store fat even when you do a lot of exercise. When so many foods, drugs or pills are consumed without regulating these two, your body starts getting confused by storing fat in all the wrong places or burning fat for only a short period of time.

Certain diet pills can help you lose weight fast and some will even help you maintain it, but when your on a fixed income, it can be very expensive. When I was consuming pills in the early days, I had to eventually stop taking them because I didn't have enough money to continue buying them, in result, gained the weight again. That is the problem with diet pills, even though some pills can be a quick weight loss method, you would need to take them regularly pretty much for life!

On my review page, I have listed the best methods that have worked very well, naturally and healthy without the need of expensive equipment, without sacrificing your body to an unhealthy state, and without having to spend countless money on diet pills that will only work as long as you can continue taking them. These are my top favorite ways! Some require exercise and some don't. It all depends if you just want to be thin and healthy or if you want to be fit and healthy. I'll leave that up to you!

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