10 Tips to Lose Weight and See Quick Weight Loss Results

Any time can be a great time to set your weight loss goals and to begin losing body fat and
reset your metabolism. Here are some tips to lose weight and begin losing body fat too:

1. Eat slowly. Your body needs time to recognize that you have eaten enough and when you put too much food in your mouth, too quickly, you will not give your stomach the adequate time to receive the signal to stop. By eating slowly, you will stop overeating and begin to see results.

2. Don't eliminate certain foods. When you decide to stop eating certain foods (unless you have a food allergy) your mind instant gravitates to wanting that food. It's like saying don't think of a pink elephant - yep, you're thinking about it. Enjoy all sorts of food during a one day period and you will never go into a deprived psychological state - which means no binging.

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3. Visualize your new body. How do you feel in this new body that you are visualizing? What clothes are you wearing? Notice your posture and smile. Continue to keep this vision alive by rehearsing and visualizing your new body.

4. Stay positive. Don't start getting down two days into your new program when you haven't seen a pound loss. It takes time. Think about how great you're going to look, stay proud of yourself as you move toward your goals and celebrate each and every positive forward step.

5. In order to see quick weight loss results, you've got to find a support network. Studies have shown time and time again and men and women who lose together, see quick weight loss, stop overeating and find losing body fat easier and more enjoyable.

6. Find your beautiful self now. Don't wait to begin losing body fat before you start seeing the beautiful you now. You don't have to lose weight to love you. You are a beautiful, fantastic and unique person, who deserves to be loved now. Trust me, if you wait to love yourself, it will still be hard to love yourself 20 pounds lighter.

7. Toss the scales. Quick weight loss has more to do with noticing how you feel and feeling good, then what the scale has to say. Measure your weight loss results by the way your clothes are fitting and how you feel. The scale never tells the whole picture and depending on it, will just get you in trouble.

8. Exercise. Exercise just makes you feel better. Find something you love doing and enjoy. Whether it's an interactive video game that gets you moving, a walk, or a dance class, you will feel better and enjoy even faster weight loss results if you exercise. Remember, you can still lose weight without exercising, since 70% of weight loss is about what you eat. However, exercising will make your arms look better, your mind feel better and will keep you living longer.

9. Don't wait. Are you putting things off in your life until you get thin? Stop it! Life is too precious and way too short to put off going to the clubs, joining a group or doing the things you've been waiting to do. Start doing one of these things each month. Not only will it be great for your self esteem, but you will continue to see even faster weight loss results when you're being the person you want to be now.

10. Celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate the pounds you've lost, versus focusing on those you haven't seen come off your body. Buy some new clothes, get yourself some new workout gear, get yourself a massage. Anything you can do to continue to motivate yourself will help you continue to see quick weight loss results and keep it off

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