Weight Loss Targets - The 3 Reasons Why People Fail

Everybody sets big targets on New Year's Eve. There is always confidence and wishful thinking around this time of year. However, it usually fades away after the first few months, even if it lasts that long. Weight loss is a big goal of many people and New Year's is their big moment to set it straight. Unfortunately, every year is the same, the same goal, and the same lack of success.

So why do people fail at weight loss then? The points below will explain the core reasons:

1.Targets are too general.
The person who says he or she will lose weight this year is too general, the person who says he or she will lose 10 kgs this year is too general. To be effective, you have to break the total weight loss goal down into bite sized pieces. The yearly goal should be calculated by using the BMI normal weight scale. It would be unhealthy to choose a weight loss target too big that would lead you to an unhealthy weight. Once you get the yearly target, you set the monthly target, and then the weekly target. By this stage, you know how much weight loss you need to achieve by the end of each week. That's something you can measure each week.

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2.Lack of Logic
The grand weight loss plan is full of general ambition, but often lacks the nuts n bolts that can keep it together. If you are at point A, and want to get to B, then, you will need to apply healthy eating, and healthy exercise to get you there. You need to take healthy actions each and every week, or else, you will not reach your target. That's a basic rule and it is simple logic. So, if you don't change from eating a lot of fast food to natural unprocessed food, that will slow you down. If you refuse to exercise, that will slow you down. The most important thing is to use every day to take healthy instead of unhealthy actions. Focus in on the little things.

3.Overdoing it
There is a call for concern when you are over doing things. You should never get desperate about your weight loss goals. Going to the gym 5 or 6 times a week itself goes against logic. Why? Because if you work out the right way, you would be so sore the day after, that you would need to rest. No more than three times a week should you exercise. The human body needs challenging exercise but only a couple of times a week. If you exercise right, you don't need to spend hours in the gym. Focus on high intensity exercise. It gives results and in half the time of other exercises. Take plenty of time to relax, and get plenty of sleep. This builds up healthy chemicals in your body.

They're three of the reasons why people fail at weight loss. Three basic principles, but people often forget the laws of science and logic. Remember them and you'll never have to depend on a magic new year's resolution again.

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