Purported Success from Weight-Loss Programs Is a Myth - It's Actually a Great Failure

For decades, people have dieted without success. Dieters have tried many weight loss options because there's no limit to the number of weight loss options available. However, the result is always the same. During the first week or two, people lose 5-10 pounds. Unfortunately, this is mostly water, yet most people, astonishingly, believe that it's 100% fat.

After this initial rapid weight loss, bodyweight loss slows or stops completely. Their normal-weight friends, they complain, eat all the food they want (it seems). Yet, they never gain an inch or a pound (it seems).

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What is the perceived reason for the failure to lose bodyweight: a low metabolism? Or do their normal weight friends just burn calories faster?

This notion that some people can eat without consequence is wrong. They can't. Nobody can.

The truth is that you don't get enough physical activity or exercise and you eat a lot more food than you admit. Ah! So that's it; that's the answer.

Yes, it is the answer.

Finally, you have the answer.

Why is this true? It's because the Laws of Nature determine weight loss. If you fail to lose weight, applying the Laws will uncover the reason for failing. This is the conclusion of many recent studies using the doubly-labeled water technique and a calorimeter.

Doubly-labeled water is a heavy isotope of water that subjects drink. Several weeks later measurements of the amount of isotope remaining in the body are measured and provide an extremely accurate measure of the body's calorie burn over the previous weeks.

The calorimeter is a large, completely sealed, live-in laboratory designed to facilitate the precise measurement of food intake and calorie burn. These two methods have turned weight control research that occurred previous to the development of these techniques into chaos.

The conclusions from the studies using these measuring techniques are clearly no surprise, based on more than 100 years of research. What's surprising is that people are still trying to figure it out, as if we don't already know the answer.

In the one study, researchers measured the calorie burn of more than 100 people in the department's calorimeter. The tests "found there was no metabolic magic," said Dr. Paul Moe, research leader in the Energy and Protein Nutrition Laboratory. "We've yet to see any evidence that there is any difference in people's efficiency in the way food is metabolized."

He said, "Sorry folks, there is no free lunch." This statement sums it up. People must come to an understanding that the Laws are in operation for all of us.

The notion that one can lose 30 pounds in 30 days is ridiculous. This notion holds up false hopes for millions of people who continue to believe that fast fat loss is possible.

The notion that there are large differences in metabolic rates just isn't true, and the study, above, proves the notion to be untrue. People can no longer use this as an excuse for their weight problems; doubly-labeled water and the calorimeter don't lie.

But people do. They tend to fib, or forget, about how much food they really eat: "We find people are eating much more than they recall, exercising less than they claim, and convincing themselves that the number of calories they eat has no impact," Moe said.

Let's read that again: they "convince themselves that the number of calories they eat has no impact."

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