Healthy Way to Lose Weight - Which Weight Loss Method is Really Healthy?

There are so many ways on the market today to lose weight. But which method is really a healthy way to lose weight? You need to look at this before choosing any method for weight loss. There are some things that can make you shedding those pounds not so healthy.

If a diet plan calls for you to go too low calorie don't use it. You will lose weight at the beginning of it but then you will hit a plateau and won't lose anymore. This can be very aggravating and discourage you from staying on the diet. This kind of diet can also lower your metabolism, which will make you gain your weight back many times.

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Low carb diets often just zap you of your energy. It is normal for your body to eat carbs. You just need to eat them the right way is all. So steer clear of these diets too and you will see that you retain your energy level. Search out a healthy way to lose weight.

Even the low-fat or non-fat diets don't work. People all over are trying these diets and people are still gaining weight. It is how our body uses the fat we eat not the fact that we eat fat that makes us gain or lose weight.

Now that you can see some of the weight loss plans that don't work lets see what does work. The first thing you need to know is that food is not your enemy. Did you know that there is an 11-day plan out there that does truly work?

This 11-day plan will not say it is all based on thinking positive either. Thinking positive does not help you shed any weight! This 11-day plan will though. More about this later though.

Your body's fat burning or fat storage functions are controlled by certain hormones in your system. Two kinds of hormones to be exact, get released into your circulatory system, together they control your fat storage and fat burning functions. And guess what? These hormones get controlled by foods your body consumes.

A healthy way to lose weight has to concentrate on not just what foods you eat but how often you eat them. It has been proven recently that if you eat smaller meals and eat more than three times a day that your body will not store as much fat. It will burn more fat instead!

Yes eating more often during the day is the answer to the weight loss dilemma. Of course you still have to eat the right foods too. It is not like you can eat ice cream every meal and manage to lose weight!

If you eat the right foods each meal, and eat more than 3 times daily for the next 11 days, you will see the differences. You will have lost weight successfully. And all you have to do is repeat this 11-day routine to lose more.

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