Weight Loss Motivation - How to Stay on Track Permanently

Looking for weight loss motivation?

Sometimes it takes more than just saying you are ready to do something. There is usually a pivotal point in a person's life when they realize that it's time to stop saying and time to start doing.

Maybe you are at this point. but even so it takes a bit more than just doing. While you are ready to take action and make that big change and you find yourself full of energy and determination to start but in many cases over time, maybe a couple days or a couple weeks, your weight loss motivation will hinder and sometimes decline below your determination.

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There are several things that can hinder or even kill your weight loss motivation:Not seeing fast enough results (no change on the scale after working hard) Maybe you are watching the scale and you have gained "weight" Perhaps you don't have anyone to drive you besides yourself

Let's face it, exercise hurts. If it wasn't hard or a challenge then every single person would be fit and healthy because they would love to workout.

Our body wants nothing to do with pain and working out hurts, your body and mind will fight you unless you have solid convictions towards your weight loss motivation. But sometimes, even so, your mind can win by telling you to take a day off... And you listen.

Come on, we all are human. We all get lazy. We all find reasons and justifications to avoid doing something even though we know it's good for us.

So how do you find and stay consistent with your weight loss? How do you create a solid source of weight loss motivation for days, weeks, and even years to come? How do you stay accountable to your fitness and your health?

I am going to tell you right now that the best way to stay active and healthy is to know deep within yourself that you are ready to take the challenge no matter what it may be. That you will be willing to fight back even when the scale tells you nothing is happening, you will use that and continue to push forward.

You need to have a solid goal in mind that you will do what it takes, even when things move slowly or things in life hinder progress, you will pick up and push yourself.

Having continuous weight loss motivation has a lot to do with Mindset. You must know within yourself, within your core being, that you will accept every situation as a challenge. Even if life throws you off for a week and you have greater concerns, at the end of the week your fitness will pick back up.

What I want to tell you is what i feel to be the strongest motivator, an incredibly powerful source of weight loss motivation - I am talking beyond pictures, beyond video, beyond weight and measurements.

What is this priceless source of weight loss motivation?

It is finding and connecting with those who are where you are and those who have gone beyond where you are. Connect with like minds. You see, surrounding yourself with those that will support you without waiver will be your number one tool.

You can push yourself and have the strongest convictions of your life, but there will always be days when you just plain don't want to do anything. When you can't muster the strength to push yourself forward.

Imagine how powerful a tool that on those days when you can't seem to crawl. Picture having a group or people, a community of like minds, a mass consciousness of better health and determination. Suddenly you can connect with those that have been there, they offer you the words to get moving and remind you of why the heck your here in the first place.Connect with others. Stay accountable not just to yourself but with those you surround yourself with. Join a community forum or local group with unwavering convictions like your own.

I tend to say this a lot because I feel it is very powerful and true.

"Alone we may try but Together we Will Succeed"

If you're looking for weight loss motivation beyond yourself then look towards a community or towards a health coach to drive you towards your goals. Telling yourself you want something is the first step, taking action towards your goals is second, and finally connecting with like minds should be third.

We are social beings, even if your shy, have low self-esteem, or don't think you can do it. I have faith in you and I Know You Can Do It!

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