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You are on a weight loss diet and are wondering which food would help you in quickly reaching your goal?  Well, there is certainly no magic food that would help you lose those extra pounds in a jiffy. But you can still lose weight. What you need to do is change the foods you consumed.

A simple diet with all the nutrients in the correct amount should be the basis of a healthy weight loss program. There is no one food that can speed up the process. Weight loss can be brought about only when the energy consumed by the body for its every day activities exceeds the energy supplied in the form of food. Thus all weight loss diets should be accompanied with a good exercise regime. This combination would yield fast weight loss.

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Common Misnomer

There is a general concept that foods that possess negative calories are ideal while on a diet. There is certainly no scientific evidence for these claims. The foods that are included in this list are usually ones with low energy. Thus when these replace the high energy foods they might bring about a loss in weight. This could be the reason for the weight loss observed with the intake of these foods. Most fruits are commonly found in the negative calorie list since they are low in energy.

Certainly fruits are also diet food since they contain high nutrients and a good amount of water. They are delicious and there is a wide variety to choose from too. Among fruits, bananas seem to be the choice of most people.

Banana - Diet Food

Even though banana contains higher calories when compared with other fruits, the ease of carrying it makes it a favorite with those on a diet. This wonder fruit is very high in minerals and contains potassium, magnesium and sodium apart from vitamin B6 and vitamin C. The presence of minerals in high quantity help in controlling blood pressure and aids in enhancing the functioning of the immune system  Banana is a good source of vitamin B6 which is usually absent in other fruits. It is free of fats and is rich in fiber. Thus this very simple food can be consumed by those on a diet without the fear of losing out on essential nutrients.

Foods rich in fiber are another good source for those on a diet. Fiber fills the stomach quickly and thereby does not allow overeating. Those on a weight loss program should keep in mind to restrict the intake of fatty food. Fats contain double the calories of carbohydrates and thus should be strictly avoided. Nutritionally dense foods and food with high water content also help dieters to reach their goals faster. 

Those of you planning to go on a weight loss diet should remember to include fresh fruits and vegetables along with fibrous food and lots of water in your diet.  

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