Healthy Weight Loss - Top Tips For Positive Change

Two great reasons to choose a health weight loss diet are your health and well being. The many risks you face when you are overweight include heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol.

An unhealthy lifestyle can result from over dieting. Yo-yo dieting is all too familiar and we end up bouncing right back to where we started. Feelings of defeat and embarrassment are the result each time. We overeat for many reasons including emotional need, addiction and years of learned behavior.

The path that led you to this point is in the past. It is important to forgive yourself and never give up as you move forward. Set your sights on healthy weight loss by setting realistic goals.

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When we make positive lifestyle choices and learn to adjust our eating habits we truly begin to achieve lasting results. It takes more than dieting to shed pounds. Staying motivated while constantly depriving yourself of things you enjoy is very difficult.

Set Reasonable Goals

Planning your goals over a longer period of time makes them more achievable than believing you can lose your extra weight and get fit within a couple of weeks. Although it is possible to lose your extra weight quickly, weight loss and maintenance have been proven to be more long-term when you set a plan to reach your goals over the course of several weeks.

It Is All About Balance

Diet and exercise should be in balance to achieve healthy weight loss. Positive lifestyle changes are important to incorporate into your daily schedule. For example, increase your daily activity by parking farther away from your destination or take the stairs. Not only will this extra movement help you create new habits but you will also notice a difference in the number on the scale and in your physique.

To enforce the actions that are required to meet your goals on a daily basis keeping a food diary can be very helpful. Keep a record of your body weight, the foods you have eaten and any supplements you have taken, as well as the results from these actions. As things change over the course of your weight loss program this will help you to re-adjust your diet and exercise.

Accentuate the Positive

Having a positive outlook is important. Frustration leads many of us to giving up quickly when results do not seem to be happening fast enough. Keeping your eye on the ball is essential during times like this. Pushing through the hard times is what will get you closer to your goal.

When it comes to healthy weight loss your scale can be your worst enemy or your best friend. Checking in with your scale everyday will make you nuts. Assessing your progress by weighing yourself everyday is not realistic because our bodies fluctuate daily. The better way to track your progress is to weigh yourself weekly at the same time and wearing similar clothes. The number on the scale is not what is ultimately important. It is all about your health and vitality.

Diet and exercise should be the focus of your program when you are looking to achieve healthy weight loss. Long-term results can be achieved by successfully incorporating some positive lifestyle changes into your routine. Keep working hard and never give up. You have the right to succeed.

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