The Weight Loss Mindset, Do You Have What it Takes?

Most of the time, losing weight is not about finding the best weight loss plan- it is about committing to your plan. Most people fail when trying to lose weight because it was much easier to overeat, make poor food choices, not exercise and become overwhelmed by stress. Weight loss is as much as psychological endeavor as it is a food endeavor. Just like our food and nutrition is broken down into portions and menus, the psychological aspect of losing weight needs to be chunked into smaller pieces and conquered! To make your plan the best weight loss plan follow the simple strategies and enjoy success in weight loss and in many other areas of your life!

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Reinvent yourself

Something pushes us to the edge of finally deciding enough is enough- I need to make a change. In most instances, we have an image of who we want to be or who we once were and that is a driving force. Use this image as motivation. Create a success board or picture board- pictures of what weight loss means. It may mean opportunities for career advancement are waiting- this will be a great financial gain. Perhaps that may provide the money needed for a new car, a vacation, to redecorate or that dream house may be on the market! Weight loss may allow the opportunity to engage in a recreational activities that once were not possible. In this case, finding images of rock climbers, runners, mountain bikers, white water rafters or surfers may offer inspiration. The idea is weight loss does not just provide a new number on a scale- it is much more- it is emotional-it will provide the psyche to reach goals!

Send in the troops!

Every great plan needs team execution. Armed with a great plan and an inspiring picture board- it is time to get our support team in place. Call the bff, recruit the kids and spouse it is time to let everyone in on our plan and let them know we need their support! Daily of words of encouragement, no sour faces when we say no to dessert, ideas for healthy recipes and the friendly kick in the pants when things seem like they are piling on are all tasks we need our support team to perform. Don't feel like you have the necessary help or support from friends or family? Don't worry- plenty of online forums exist- get your fingers typing and find one! You will find the support you need.

The novel is compilation of many words!

The weight loss process can seem very overwhelming at the beginning. Losing thirty, forty, fifty or more pounds can seem like an impossible task - your brain resists the pain of the overall process and the feeling of certain failure sets in. Just remember, when an author sets out to write a novel- the beginning is a word written on a page. The same principle applies to a weight loss plan. Break the plan down into small tasks. Now, in good plans, the small steps are started for you. A meal by meal, day by day for the first five days gets things moving quickly in the right direction. Another technique that is highly recommended during weight loss (or for any other project) is to write down the two or three diet/fitness/food activities which need to be accomplished on a daily basis. Determine what action is needed to complete the activity and then get moving- take action- take a step closer toward the final goal. Each action, each step is one closer toward the goal- your journey will be a series of steps that will carry you over the threshold! Take a look at your diet plan- it started with just one word on a page!

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